SNIC 2020 - MobilIT


The focus of this edition of SNiC will be on the IT of mobility. For the past years there have been major leaps forward in the use of computers and AI in vehicles - think self driving cars, the optimisation of fuel usage in aeroplanes, or apps that perform diagnostics on the engine of your motorcycle. But MobilIT can be extended to much more than that: we can analyse the organisation of public transportation, or take a closer look at the latest innovations in bionics and cybernetics - tech that will open up a future of mobility for everyone.

During SNiC 2020/2021 we will approach the future of mobility from a wide variety of angles: security is essential for high-tech transportation in an age of self driving cars and cyber-warfare; theoretical computing science is the core discipline behind route optimisation algorithms; Artificial limbs are almost completely computer driven; and of course Artificial Intelligence will play a starring role.



Our conference has sadly been plagued by the corona virus. Last year we had to cancel the 2020 edition, because the corona measures simply did not allow a physical congress in any form.

This year we are more optimistic!

We believe that with the vaccines being deployed faster and faster a normal conference in november 2021 will be entirely feasible. In the small chance that we cannot host 700 people, we will try to bring as many people as possible to our venue. We will then organize an online alternative for the people that are not able to join in Apeldoorn. This way we ensure that as many people can have a good conference, and sponsors will still be able to reach the students.


As always we are working on an amazing line-up of speakers to present at our conference. We are, however, still actively looking for more people that would like to give a talk. Thus if you would be interested in presenting an interesting subject that fits in our theme, do not hesitate to send us an email at We would very much like to hear about more amazing areas in MobilIT.



Next to the talks, there is a company fair with about 12-15 companies. Some of these companies are linked to the theme, but this is not necessarily the case. They are interested in getting to know you! You might be looking for an internship or job, or you want to get to know more about the opportunities they offer. During the breaks you are able to meet the different companies. Apart from the fair, there is the option to speed date with the companies.

We are still looking for partnerships! You can email us at for more information.


This year we have the pleasure of hosting our event at Orpheus Apeldoorn. Orpheus has 3 beautiful halls where our speakers will give their talks. Their massive foyer has enough room for all the interesting stands our sponsors will facilitate. Furthermore, it is located in the middle of the Netherlands to make sure no single study association has a long travel time.


About SNiC

SNiC, Stichting Nationaal informatica Congres (which can be translated as the Foundation National Informatics Congress), was established in December 2004. 9 study associations from 7 cities in the Netherlands are affiliated. The aim of the foundation is to stimulate interest in knowledge of information and communication technology, and to promote contact between students and the business world.

Every year one of the associations of the foundation organizes a congress with an IT related subject. On , the congress will be organized by two study associations from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. These associations are Thalia (the study association for Computer Science and Information Science students) and CognAC (the study association for Artificial Intelligence students).

Visitors are enthusiastic Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence bachelor and master students from all over the country. Over the past years the congress has grown considerably. Where in 2017 the congress was visited by 450 students, we expect around 700 visitors in 2021.

Various talks will be held at the congress by speakers from both the business world and the academic world. The students are challenged to dive into a specific topic from different perspectives. We want to inspire them and invite them to think further than their current views.

In addition, it is the chance for students to speak with many companies during the breaks and the drinks at the company fair, to connect with potential employers or to find a thesis or internship spot.


Toernooiveld 212, M1.0.08
6525 EC Nijmegen
The Netherlands

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